Management Team

Meet H Dipak’s two generations of growth leaders – the group that is driving H Dipak’s businesses into strong leadership positions. Highly regarded as visionaries and top leaders in their industry, each is leading H Dipak towards its ambitious vision of the future.

Hitesh Mehta: A visionary and one of the original founders of the company, Mr. Hitesh Mehta handles Marketing, PR and Sales.

Manish Mehta: Having joined the company in 1996, Mr. Manish Mehta has been instrumental in building the core operations of the company, managing Human Resources and handling a workforce of over 4000 people. A strong administrator, he has built efficient systems across manufacturing and other key areas of business operation. He handles rough diamond sourcing today.

Ankit Mehta: A masters in Business Education, Mr. Ankit Mehta is known for infusing the company with progressive ideas and processes. Since he joined the company in 2007, he’s contributed to building new efficiencies across departments by building a whole new IT platform. He’s also responsible for the modernization of rough manufacturing systems across various levels.