Corporate Profile

The world can change in 15 years. Ours did.

From our earliest days as a small business trading in rough diamonds, our company has combined a clear vision, a sharp focus and a whole lot of ingenuity to create an organization of the future. Our journey offers a rich history we are proud to share with you.

It began with a team of 3, working out of a 300 square feet make-shift office in 1996. 15 years later, H Dipak employs over 3,500 employees and operates out of a 50,000 square feet corporate head office in Mumbai, and owns 5 independent manufacturing units spread across 2,50,000 square feet.

From a small business betting its future on a promising niche of Princess Cuts, to becoming the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of the shape with over 2 million carats of Princess Cuts worth approximately US $ 1 billion sold in the last 5 years, we believe this is only the beginning – and that the best is yet to come.