Putting the customer first

Aligning our entire business operation to customer needs in order to make sourcing of fancy shapes an easy and stress free experience

We ensure that our customers don’t have to carry any excess inventory of fancy shapes, by fulfilling their exact requirements, regardless of the size of the order. With multiple fancy shapes, we give a calibrated and specific supply in the desired quantity and layout, exactly as per the customer requirements.

Some of the key services we provide include bagging, matching, immediate repairs facility in-house for last minute repairs or calibration requirements, as well as in-house grading and lab certification support.

Further, our Key Account Managers and 24*7 CRM teams help ensure professional management and follow-up on customer orders and service their day-to-day requirements. Our dedicated, fully equipped customer cabins at our 50,000 square feet Head Office in Mumbai allow us to deliver convenience, speed, and a simplified buying experience for our customers.